Policy briefing: The National Living Wage

It is Living Wage week. A week which celebrates the voluntary Living Wage and employers that pay it across the UK. The Living Wage Foundation, responsible for the campaign and setting the wage, has been...Read more

Governing with a small majority

When Cameron returned to No.10 in May, comparisons were immediately drawn with John Major, the last Conservative prime minister to win a majority. Major maintained a short-lived semblance of stability through a coercive whips office, which just about managed to keep the...Read more

Politicians and making parity a reality

Over the past year, parity of esteem between mental and physical health has taken centre stage in health policy terms, culminating with Wednesday’s Budget including a £1.25bn package to be spent on services over five...Read more


On Monday morning, the Chancellor George Osborne devolved an unprecedented number of powers to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), supposedly more than they’d asked for. Powers and budgets for transport, planning and public service...Read more

Was it the ‘rise of the women’?

The dust is now settling on the steps of Number 10 following the Prime Minister’s biggest reshuffle since he took office.  The FT has hailed it a massacre, the Telegraph claims disaffected women and Eurosceptic...Read more

Is it competition versus quality?

With the release of two persuasive policy papers and an announcement from Ed Miliband that patients will be able to see their GP within 48 hours – Labour is currently seeking to set the agenda...Read more