Same stakes, different leverage: a look at transatlantic trade post-Brexit

You may have seen a flurry of stories this week fretting over chlorinated chicken and GMOs flooding into the UK from the US. This was perhaps not the reaction Liam Fox had hoped for in his recent visit to the country, where he was discussing a proposed new transatlantic deal. Uncoincidentally, these stories bear aRead more

Government shows its hand on the future of energy

Greg Clark’s Faraday Challenge announcement this week to fund £246m of battery innovation is a marked shift away from the Cameron-Osborne free market agenda. It indicates that the industrial strategy is more than just talk. This is an emerging market and the standards haven’t yet been established. It is now clear that politics will playRead more

With big data comes big responsibility

With big data comes big responsibility Every week we’re seeing new warnings about how Brexit will impact different parts of the UK economy. Proposed changes to data protection rules have been highlighted as the latest concern after the House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee published a report last week calling for “unhindered and uninterrupted”Read more

Barnier’s backbone?: How the UK is losing the public war over Brexit

The British press is down on David Davis and his Brexit negotiation team. Open the paper (or the app on your smartphone) and you’ll see reports and opinion pieces criticising strategy, preparedness and positions. Barnier’s EU team, on the other hand, looks ready for whatever comes their way, whether that is broad discussion on principlesRead more

Five new social media stars of the 2017 Parliament

One month on from the General Election, the new intake of MPs has had a chance to bed in. And with the pressures of campaigning behind them, their voices as MPs in office – as opposed to candidates – are starting to take shape. For parliamentarians, social media is now a legitimate channel for politicalRead more

From Stalin to Mr Bean: What does Vince Cable mean for the Liberal Democrats?

The snap election was supposed to revive the Liberal Democrats and see them fight back from their 2015 low. While the party gained MPs, including some of its old ‘big beasts’, it lost votes and suffered further setbacks in the number of seats they finished second in. This result was damning for Tim Farron who,Read more