WA Queen’s Speech analysis: A right royal mess?

The government’s legislative programme for the next two years was announced at the Queen’s Speech a short time ago.  The unusually extended (two year) parliamentary session testifies to the size of the Brexit task, with complex and controversial legislation demanding extra time and careful scheduling to move through Parliament.  The speech itself had been delayedRead more

The new cabinet – WA wallchart

Theresa May’s new cabinet is perhaps not exactly what she was hoping it would be. Pre-election speculation had indicated that May was keen to make some significant changes – including perhaps changing her Chancellor. Now in a significantly weaker position, she’s had little choice but to keep most of her cabinet in place. With theRead more

The UK election result and what it means for competition in the retail energy market

The General Election campaign was hardly short of energy policies and several pages of party manifestos were dedicated to the parties’ respective plans for the sector. The Conservatives may have fallen short of an overall majority, but they look set to form a government with support from the DUP, so their manifesto still provides theRead more

WA Investor Services analysis of the general election result

By this point, you might think that investors would be getting used to uncertainty. Uncertainty over Brexit. Uncertainty over Scottish independence. Uncertainty over who Boris Johnson might offend next. Last night’s general election result appears to be the next chapter in this book as Theresa May squandered a 20-point lead in the polls and isRead more

The general election campaigns assessed

Joe is a recent history graduate from the University of Bristol, who is looking to start a career in public affairs and communications. Joe has written this blog as part of a week’s work experience at WA. A general election campaign punctuated by two terrorist attacks was never going to be a normal one, butRead more