Predicting a General Election: A Science or an Art?

Predicting a General Election: A Science or an Art? At 10pm on the 8th June, the BBC will announce the outcome of their general election exit poll, widely recognised as a likely indication of how the electoral map will look the following morning. Political pundits, media outlets and even your next-door neighbour will likely allRead more

Learning lessons from the social care u-turn

The screeching u-turn has become a traditional part of the fiscal event cycle in recent years. During the headiness of budget day, the Chancellor will stand at the despatch box, the master of his domain. MPs will hang on his every word. For the next 45 minutes the narrative belongs to him. Speaking with gustoRead more

Playing her hand: May’s social care gamble

I bet Theresa May would make a mean poker player. When she retires from politics I reckon she could make a tidy living amongst the bright lights of Vegas – outwitting drunk tourists with her sleight of hand. No-one expected the Prime Minister to reveal such a bold social care policy, just days after newspapersRead more