Sayonara UK? Japanese business leaders turn to Europe

In the aftermath of last year’s referendum, Japan’s powerful Keidanren business lobby issued a two-page Brexit ‘wish list’, including the continuation of passporting and free movement of skilled workers. The Japanese government took this a step further in September, publishing an uncharacteristically forceful memo emphasising Britain’s role as a gateway to Europe for Japanese investors.Read more


The French have chosen who they will decide between in the upcoming presidential run off. The last few weeks have caused many a blood pressure to rise with four vastly different candidates having a chance at winning, but now it is clear that Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will go tête-à-tête in two week’sRead more

Here we go again

The collective sigh that went up in all corners of the Westminster Village on Tuesday morning was audible, like the last breaths of air escaping an already deflated balloon. The prospect of another popular vote so hot on the heels of the last is a wearying one. The current crop of MPs face returning toRead more

The Brexit betrayal or a sense of reality?

Earlier this month, the government’s rhetoric on Brexit signalled its ongoing commitment towards delivering a hard exit from the EU. Theresa May warned EU leaders that no deal was better than a bad deal, and the ambition of reducing net migration to the UK to the ‘tens of thousands’ by 2020 was a non-negotiable principleRead more

Making the most of your eight seconds

Good public relations (PR) is essential for a successful business.  Organisations both large and small, depend on their reputation to drive success – and PR holds the key to building a good relationship with stakeholders, whether they be politicians, other businesses or consumers. The PR industry is estimated to have grown by 34 per cent since 2013, now totalling 83,000 practitioners inRead more