Thorns in a rose: Beyond Corbyn?

81 per cent of Labour MPs have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, his shadow cabinet is depleted and under-resourced following 52 resignations, and the SNP are demanding to be recognised as the official opposition. Yet Corbyn lives on. Strong in the belief of his mandate, weak everywhere else. An official leadership challenge is expected soonRead more

Academies for all?

Michael Gove was no stranger to controversy during his time as Education Secretary. The debate on education policy over the last few months suggests that his successor, Nicky Morgan, may prove to be equally divisive. Most recently, government policy on academies has proved particularly contentious. Yet, in reality, apparent government backtracking may turn out toRead more

Leave supporters are more vocal, but Remain has the most influence online

Today Westminster Advisers is launching the UK Political Web Observatory – an interactive, online map of over 800 politically influential websites in the UK. We’ve been working closely with social media intelligence company Linkfluence and Dr Nick Anstead from the LSE to create this exciting new tool. The Observatory allows users to explore the relationshipsRead more