A reunifying Queen’s Speech?

Yesterday’s Queen’s Speech was aimed at presenting Cameron’s government as a ‘one-nation’ Conservative administration. With the party leadership bruised by rebellions and referendum strife, this was an opportunity to reset the agenda. 21 Bills were announced with a focus on delivering a programme of social reform. This included measures to improve adoption, reform higher education,Read more

Khan he do it?

Between attacking Donald Trump, discussing anti-terror policing with the Paris Mayor and announcing plans to introduce a new ‘hopper’ bus ticket, Sadiq Khan has wasted little time in kicking off his London Mayoralty. As widely anticipated (and much to the relief of beleaguered pollsters, I’m sure), Khan won last Thursday’s Mayoral election by a substantiveRead more

Still clinging on – Welsh Labour and the 2016 elections

Last Thursday wasn’t a particularly good day for anyone in Wales describing themselves as a centrist. The Welsh Assembly elections saw Labour fall short of an overall majority by two seats, suffering the shock loss of its Rhondda seat to Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood. On the other end of the spectrum, the elections sawRead more

The 2016 Holyrood elections – a tipping point for Scottish politics?

The Scottish elections proved to be a far more exhilarating and surprising event than many had anticipated. Widespread opinion pre-election assumed the SNP would wipe the floor, likely returning a majority and defying the PR electoral system once more, this time under the determined and popular leadership of Nicola Sturgeon. Instead the SNP emerged withRead more

Coup on ice

Accepting to take child refugees from Europe, a “pausing” of the junior doctors’ contract and a climb-down on forced academisation of schools – a trio of U-turns in the space of a week that has left the Government somewhat bruised, but by no means scarred. What is most striking from these climb-downs is the repeatedRead more

Taking away the politics: What difference will the National Infrastructure Commission make?

Westminster Advisers was delighted to recently host Sir John Armitt for a breakfast discussion on ‘Delivering greater certainty for UK infrastructure’ and the work of the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC). As one of the UK’s most successful engineers and former Head of the Olympic Delivery Authority, Sir John has presided over some of the UK’sRead more