Westminster Advisers shortlisted for PR Moment Awards 2016

Westminster Advisers is delighted to have been shortlisted for Public Affairs Consultancy of the Year in the PR Moment Awards 2016. The PR Moment Awards are a major fixture in the UK PR and communications calendar with over 650 entries from over 200 companies entering the awards. The nomination comes soon after Westminster Advisers was shortlistedRead more

The EU Referendum campaigns: who’s who?

The prospect of a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union has been in the pipeline for so longthat in many ways it’s difficult to believe that the vote is finally imminent. While the exact timings will be clearer after February’s European Council meeting, the respective campaign organisations are already gearing up to fightRead more


In his new year message, the prime minister argued that the UK is “in the middle of one of the great reforming decades.” That certainly seems right for the local government landscape. With council finances undergoing large-scale changes and the chancellor determined to drive forward devolution deals for city regions, we are seeing fundamental changes to how theRead more


The business outlook remains relatively positive for the UK retail sector. Low inflation, economic and wage growth, high employment and low oil prices have all helped the sector through testing economic times. Despite this, there’s no doubt in 2016 some challenges will be driven from Westminster.  Policy decisions from the last year will play out,Read more

Financial services in 2016 – Brexit, trust and transparency

The banking crisis and subsequent upheavals in the regulation of the sector brought about by the Financial Services Act in 2013 mean the industry bears little resemblance to its bloated incarnation at the turn of the decade. The transformation of the sector has showed no signs of slowing, and we can expect more of theRead more

Resetting the energy agenda?

The energy sector faced more uncertainty than most in the election year.  Amber Rudd’s first seven months at DECC have resolved a number, but by no means all, of those uncertainties. Rudd has at least been relatively clear about her intentions in the role.  Following her ‘reset’ speech in November last year, we have aRead more

2016 in politics

2015 was not your average year in politics.  The first Tory majority for 23 years, the rise and rise of the SNP, and a truly extraordinary Labour leadership contest kept Westminster watchers entertained. 2016 may be slightly calmer, but barely so.  We face a probable European referendum, elections in May bringing a new London mayor,Read more