Tax credits; a judgement call or just bad comms?

The recent tax credits furore represents another U-turn for this majority Conservative government. It’s the third of this term after the original debacle over English Votes for English Laws (EVEL) and, of course, the wildly badly timed vote on fox hunting. While the Prime Minister’s rhetoric at conference was all about the centre ground ofRead more


The Chancellor’s party conference speech this week confirmed his desire to leave a legacy: transforming the UK economy and altering the long-term perception of the Conservative Party. Infrastructure is key to this vision of a high skilled, high pay economy with increased productivity. Whether this can be achieved will depend to a significant extent onRead more

Conservative Party Conference: What to expect

Conservative party members will gather in Manchester from Sunday for their annual conference. In part, it will be an opportunity for the party to celebrate its return to government – this time as a majority party. But the conference will also give the Conservatives an opportunity to set the political agenda for the rest ofRead more