Proliferating Peers

Somewhat unsurprisingly, yesterday’s announcement of 45 new peerages has reignited the debate over the credibility and effectiveness of the House of Lords. With the number of peers now totalling 826, there is growing concern at the size and cost of the Lords and whether it remains fit for purpose in providing expert legislative scrutiny. Yesterday’sRead more

Can Clinical Commissioning Groups help transform the NHS?

WA recently held a breakfast briefing on the changes in the health commissioning landscape, focusing particularly on clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). The area continues to evolve with a new government and the NHS efficiency agenda.  We were delighted to hear from Julie Wood, Chief Executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners, on the challenges from a CCGRead more

Europe – defining Cameron’s legacy

We still know remarkably little about the parameters within which the coming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union will be held. We don’t even know when exactly it will be, nor what the terms of Cameron’s renegotiation are. All we know is that the prime minister is personally keen for Britain to stayRead more

Deadlines and distorted thinking: the Labour leadership election

  The media and the commentariat are having a summer ball. Jeremy Corbyn’s position as (supposed) frontrunner has them amused, outraged and agog. A serious political process is coinciding neatly with silly season. Fun as it is to watch, there is a seam of tragedy here too – Labour is making exactly the same mistakesRead more