Week in Westminster: Settling down to business

With Wednesday’s Queen’s Speech confirming the new government’s legislative programme, there has been a sense of a return to business in Westminster this week. Understandably, the contents of the first Conservative Queen’s Speech for nearly two decades has been the focus of attention over the past few days. Whilst there were few genuine surprises –Read more

1992 all over again?

With the dust settled on May’s election result, analysis and explanation of what a Conservative government means for British politics is underway. Following yesterday’s Queen’s Speech, the substance of policy is reasonably clear.  But there remain questions regarding how the new political environment, more widely, will unfold. Will Conservative backbenchers play hard-ball with the leadership,Read more

Shuffling the Pack: What can we learn from the reshuffle?

With the Prime Minister’s reshuffle over and new ministers now in place, what can we learn about the new Conservative majority government and David Cameron’s style of leadership from the outcome? Firstly, the Prime Minister has set out to ensure stability and continuity where possible. We have seen this through the number of Cabinet ministersRead more

The morning after the night before

Although the final results are still trickling in, the direction of travel is clear: the Conservatives are on their way to being substantially the largest party, perhaps even to have an overall majority. For months, all the pollsters told us and anyone who would listen that the result was too tight to call, and thatRead more

Marginal constituencies: expected declaration times

Vats of coffee, strategic napping, doing the ironing, or even keeping active on the treadmill – here at Westminster Advisers we’ve been thinking about how to stay awake to watch as much of the general election count as we can. We thought it might be useful to share a list of the expected declaration timesRead more

Miliband or Cameron: What does the world think?

We’re often told to vote for policies, not personalities. Yet in a political landscape increasingly permeated by stylists and Twitter, personality now seems to matter more than ever, whether for better or worse. Ed Miliband has suffered mercilessly at the hands of the tabloid press, whose portrayal of him as a bumbling fool, complete withRead more