Scotland’s voice – can the SNP put its manifesto into action?

As predicted in WA’s Managing political risk report back in January, what happens in Scotland this year could be crucial for the fortunes of the UK’s next government.  Since then the SNP’s surge has continued and Nicola Sturgeon, its leader and Scotland’s First Minister, goes from strength to strength.  That in turn shines a brighterRead more

Conservative manifesto launched

Earlier today, the Conservative 2015 election manifesto was launched – the full document is available to read here. As expected, delivering a strong and recovering economy features heavily in the manifesto – in line with the party’s ‘long-term economic plan’. More broadly, the manifesto launch sought to inject a positive message into the Conservatives’ campaign,Read more

Labour’s manifesto launched with fiscal responsibility front and centre

This morning Labour launched their manifesto – available to read here. We will of course be poring over the details and sharing our detailed thoughts in due course. At this stage the key development to highlight is a commitment to fiscal responsibility front and centre on the first page.  Labour are committing themselves to aRead more

The much anticipated debate: what does it all mean?

After months of dither, negotiations, excuses and concessions the TV debate which many thought would never happen has finally arrived. Despite low expectations about the benefits of a debate involving seven party leaders with the possible ‘winner’ being somebody that the majority of the electorate can’t even vote for; there is still a chance thatRead more

Building blocs

With the political opinion polls showing that a hung parliament is a near certainty after the election, the UK’s minor parties are enjoying unprecedented attention from the media and voters alike. Each of the parties is making the most of the limelight, touting policies designed to lure voters away from the Conservatives and/or Labour. WhilstRead more