On your marks

If a week is a long time in politics, then it seems like the 2015 election campaign has already been going for several millennia. Not so – the election campaign officially kicks off today, with a mere 38 days to go until polling day. The Fixed Term Parliament Act has meant that we have hadRead more

Austerity economics? The rhetoric and reality of public spending after the election

Earlier this week Westminster Advisers were delighted to host a breakfast event with Chris Giles, the Financial Times’ Economics Editor, to consider the reality behind the political rhetoric on public spending and fiscal policy. With the election now just six weeks away, the two main parties’ campaigns are increasingly focusing on the central issue ofRead more

Follow the leader: Rules for party leadership elections

David Cameron’s announcement that he wouldn’t serve a third term makes the front pages of most of the newspapers today, and on Buzzfeed Lib Dem Secretary of State Vince Cable has heaped scorn on former party president Tim Farron’s leadership ambitions. Whatever the outcome of the general election at least one, and very possibly two, of the threeRead more

The Age of George

As the dust begins to settle on last week’s Budget, the Chancellor will be pleased that, so close to the election, there hasn’t been a major unravelling of his proposed measures. Supported by a range of good economic news, including a further fall in unemployment and an uprating in expected growth in 2015, the ChancellorRead more

Politicians and making parity a reality

Over the past year, parity of esteem between mental and physical health has taken centre stage in health policy terms, culminating with Wednesday’s Budget including a £1.25bn package to be spent on services over five years. This focus can largely be attributed to the Liberal Democrats who have, over the course of this Parliament, madeRead more

Weekly round-up: Conservatives under the spotlight & poll problems

With Labour having been comparatively quiet over the course of the past week, the Conservatives have found themselves in the spotlight on a range of issues. The start of the week saw Cameron expanding on the last of his six election themes – namely housing – with a pledge to deliver 200,000 ‘starter-homes’ by 2020.Read more