The Liberal Democrats – some considerations on negotiations (part two)

As I previously blogged, the Liberal Democrats are facing a difficult challenge over the next few weeks. With the general election less than three months away, the party is consciously trying to keep as many of its options open as possible to allow itself maximum manoeuvrability come May 8th. In both policy and political terms,Read more


Westminster Advisers is delighted to have been shortlisted for an award in recognition of the work it has undertaken over the past year advising private equity companies on the potential impact that changes to the political and policy environment could have on investments. Westminster Advisers has been shortlisted in the ‘Specialist Adviser of the Year’Read more

Capitalising on capitalism?

It’s fair to say recent campaigning by both Labour and the Conservatives hasn’t been universally successful. Last week’s attempts by Labour to demonstrate that the party is on the side of women descended into the bizarre sight of Harriet Harman being driven around in a pink van – with accusations of sexism and of generallyRead more

Confidence and supply is coming

It’s become a truism in British politics that the upcoming election is too close to call. The vast majority of the respected political commentators are in agreement that the polls are presenting too mixed a picture to make any meaningful predictions about the outcome in May, and therefore the shape and programme of the nextRead more

Coalition health – Labour, Lib Dems and the NHS

Much in Labour’s 10-year plan for health and social care had already been well-rehearsed.  But having their proposition laid out in one document helps crystallise the potential shifts, flashpoints and – importantly, given the prospect of no party winning a parliamentary majority in May – where there’s alignment with other parties. The Lib Dems mayRead more