What makes good public affairs this year?

We were delighted to co-host an event with ComRes today on what the polls are telling us, and what it means for public affairs.  ComRes took everyone through the latest predictions on the general election outcome, and I gave a presentation on what we at Westminster Advisers think good public affairs looks like this year. Read more

Managing Political Risk

Managing Political Risk – a collection of essays on what 2015 will mean for public affairs. Firstly let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I hope everyone is safely back from the festive season refreshed and renewed for what is certain to be an exciting year in British politics. The result of the general electionRead more

Tory themes for 2015

The Conservatives yesterday outlined their six key themes for the general election campaign: the deficit, jobs, taxes, education, housing and retirement. Labour has quickly jumped on the omission of the NHS from the list; though the party has not been so keen to point to the absence of immigration, for obvious reasons. The announcement of theRead more

Happy New Year from our Leaders!

For those of us working in public affairs the political party leaders’ New Year messages help us to understand how our clients should couch the arguments they put to decision-makers over the next four months, in a way that reflects those decision-makers’ priorities.  This is because, whilst not containing any specific policy announcements, the messagesRead more