Miliband will always be an egghead – and that’s OK

Last week, my colleague Malcolm Sullivan published a blogpost bemoaning the Labour leader’s speech on his image. Most of the press seems to agree that the Miliband strategy is high-risk – that now, having decried a focus on style over substance, any attempt Labour makes to position or spin will be shot down in flamesRead more

Power vacuum – a personal take on Miliband’s image vs policy speech

“It is no surprise that people think that politicians only care about the photo op, how we look, or how we are presented, and not about substance…..this political culture is a disaster for the country. Because let’s face up to something: this has become a game that fewer and fewer people are watching, or believing.Read more

Labour’s National Policy Forum: austerity and reform

Milton Keynes last weekend played host to Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF), bringing together the party leadership and union, affiliated organisation and grassroots representatives to agree key policy ambitions and commitments in the lead-up to the 2015 General Election. The NPF is an important step in Labour’s manifesto development process, with the party membership agreeingRead more

Was it the ‘rise of the women’?

The dust is now settling on the steps of Number 10 following the Prime Minister’s biggest reshuffle since he took office.  The FT has hailed it a massacre, the Telegraph claims disaffected women and Eurosceptic voters were the target, and the Times says Downing Street has been detoxed, giving rise to a number of socialRead more

A SpAd’s eye view – a summary

We were delighted to host two former government special advisers for a discussion this morning on the role of SpAds in coalition government. We were pleased to be joined by Giles Wilkes, former Liberal Democrat Special Adviser to Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Nick Hillman, former Conservative Special AdviserRead more

WA shortlisted for CIPR Excellence Awards

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for the CIPR’s 2014 Excellence Awards. The shortlisting comes in the public affairs campaign category and is in recognition of our work for the Cycle to Work Alliance. The Cycle to Work Alliance brings together the largest providers of the cycle to work scheme (namely Cyclescheme, Cycle Solutions, EvansRead more

The Westminster blogerati

We have had the glitterati and the Twitterati. And now, in Westminster, a new and more powerful class is emerging. Often disillusioned, sometimes disaffected, these new protagonists have a story to tell. Their medium is their keyboards, their canvass is their own websites. They are, of course, the blogerati. Let’s start with Dominic Cummings, perhapsRead more