Is it competition versus quality?

With the release of two persuasive policy papers and an announcement from Ed Miliband that patients will be able to see their GP within 48 hours – Labour is currently seeking to set the agenda on health. Whereas many of the proposals made so far can sit comfortably alongside the current health system, some factionsRead more

Elections 2014: Headaches for the main parties?

Tomorrow will see the country go to the polls as votes are cast in the European elections. In addition, local elections are being held across 161 local authorities in England. Both sets of elections could pose problems for the two main parties. The story and focus of the campaign has, of course, centred on theRead more

The NHS’s long term condition

The long election campaign is postponing the conversation on NHS funding. Interventions to date have either been limited to backbenchers a step removed from party policy machines, such as Liam Fox questioning NHS spending’s continued protection from cuts, or motivated by the effect the ring-fence has on other spending departments, as broached briefly by VinceRead more

Westminster Advisers continues 2014 expansion with new hire

Public affairs and communications management consultancy Westminster Advisers is continuing its expansion with the hire of a new Account Director, John Clarke. John will focus on building Westminster Advisers’ work in the health and pharmaceutical sectors, both key areas in which the business is looking to expand. Having provided high-level policy and market access adviceRead more

High Speed 1 at 20: Lessons learned for HS2

This week saw the 20th anniversary of the completion of High Speed 1, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), arguably one of the most important civil engineering projects of the last 100 years. Whilst few would disagree that the Channel Tunnel remains an outstanding feat of construction, its delivery was not without its difficulties, andRead more

Scottish Independence and the Rest of the UK

As the polls are showing, the Scottish Independence vote is narrowing.  There is considerable nervousness within the Better Together campaign, and polls conducted by the main pro-union parties apparently predict the vote to be on a knife edge.  Our view is that given we’ll see a boost to Scottish national pride in the run-up toRead more

The huge potential of minority government

A special adviser once told me “I never realised until I went into government that government only really has three basic functions: to tax, to spend money and to regulate.  It’s really quite simple”.  Some might add to this a fourth – to urge people or companies into behaving in a certain way, either throughRead more