New Westminster Advisers report – The politics of technology

Today Westminster Advisers is launching a new report on the technology sector. Called The Politics of Technology, the report provides an overview of the government and opposition announcements on technology-related issues in Q1, and provides some analysis about what they mean for firms in the sector. It covers areas such as cybersecurity, child protection, adultRead more

The UK ideas lab

Given its vast constitutional implications it is understandable that the referendum on Scottish independence dominates debate and interest regarding devolution within the UK. A dramatic ‘yes’ vote in Scotland would cause radical change and is currently providing a fertile source of discussion for politicos. It is important, however, not to lose sight of the wideRead more

Osborne’s Budget: securing his legacy?

In presenting the Budget earlier this week, the Chancellor George Osborne managed a very rare political achievement – the announcement of a radical reform that took politicians, pundits and the public completely by surprise. In a single announcement, by giving people greater control over how and when they spend their retirement funds, Osborne has createdRead more

Budget 2014: the key developments

George Osborne delivered the penultimate Budget of this parliament yesterday, promising to help savers, pensioners, and people who have “worked hard and saved hard all their lives, and done the right thing”. Osborne struck an optimistic note on growth, saying that the UK is now growing faster than all other major advanced economies.  The OfficeRead more

Policy development ahead of the next government: a 12 or 18 month view?

It’s a big year for policy development.  All three main parties’ manifesto development processes are well underway, so arguably one of the most important elements of any public affairs programme this year is understanding each party’s thinking and seeking to engage with it.  This will help shape the operating environment for sectors under the nextRead more

Blue Sky (Collar) Thinking

Using the pages of the Evening Standard last week, the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls MP, asked readers to consider whether they are ‘better off now than in 2010’. The question cuts to the heart of – what is likely to be – a very, very long election campaign; namely, will voters feel ‘austerity’ measures haveRead more