Electing Labour’s leader: implications of OMOV

The Labour party is holding a special conference on 1 March to consider party reforms in the wake of the Falkirk selection controversy and it is expected that changes to how the party elects its leader will form part of the package of reforms. Under its current rules Labour operates an ‘electoral college’ system ofRead more

The battle for small business

Standing in front of a crowd of small business owners, David Cameron this week pledged his government’s support for SMEs. This was quickly followed by an email to Conservative Party supporters, thanking small business owners for their hard work. Not to be outdone, Chuka Umunna, the shadow business secretary, put forward the Labour Party’s proposalsRead more

Balls’ dividing lines

On Saturday Ed Balls gave a keynote speech on the economy to the Fabian Society.  The speech is much more than just the 50p tax rate commitment: it’s a more detailed run through of Balls’ priorities and thinking than we’ve had for quite some time, possibly since he became Shadow Chancellor. What is interesting aboutRead more

Prevention, prevention, prevention?

Only a couple of weeks into the year and we can already see that exponents of preventative healthcare have tried hard to seize the agenda for 2014. Campaigners targeting sugar content in foods and drinks, for example, have been quick off the mark.  They’re arguing that the impact of sugar on people’s health and healthcareRead more

Minimum wage rise, masterstroke or sign of weakness?

Last night it was announced that Chancellor George Osborne was in favour of increasing the national minimum wage from £6.31 to £7 per hour by next year. The timing of this announcement, just before Labour leader Ed Miliband’s much heralded speech on the economy and banking reform today, is no coincidence. So is this aRead more

Another big week in politics

It’s only the second Parliamentary week of the year and we have seen again another round of deeply significant speeches covering huge political, constitutional and economic matters. Osborne’s speech on Europe, his indication that the minimum wage should be increased well above inflation, Hague’s swipe at the Scottish independence campaign, and Miliband’s keynote speech onRead more