Health care 24/7

Sir Bruce Keogh, the Chief Medical Officer of NHS England, has announced plans for a seven-day health service.  Strengthening his position as one of the highest profile figures in health today, this builds on his review of mortality rates earlier in the year and his proposals for restructuring England’s emergency care system. When Keogh recentlyRead more

The Dangers of the Davies Commission

The Davies Commission, in its interim report published today, has concluded that two of the three options for building a new runway in the UK should involve expansion of Heathrow.  Some are saying this is controversial.  But it is only so from a political perspective, given the agitation Heathrow expansion causes in those West andRead more

Dementia Challenge – a model to tackle health challenges of the future?

Dementia hit the headlines again this week as the government hosted the latest set piece in its Dementia Challenge. The event, a climax to Britain’s G8 presidency this year, underlined the magnitude of the challenge dementia presents for health systems around the world.  That’s a product of people living more affluent, longer lives – aRead more

Cyber security: dealing with ‘the quiet emergency’

It is easy to start to feel uncomfortable when reading about the cyber threat to the UK. The figures alone are enough to be chilling: 93% of large corporations and 87% of small businesses reported a cyber-breach in the past year, with costs estimated at £450,000 to £850,000 for large businesses and £35,000 to £65,000Read more

George Osborne – lessons for communications professionals everywhere

In modern communications there is a lot to be said for message discipline.  If you are trying to cut through the clutter of the 24 hour media landscape and convey a simple message to a wide ranging audience, sticking to the same key point and hammering it home relentlessly has a lot to be saidRead more