Conservative Conference: George goes long

Ed Miliband’s energy price freeze announcement, the centre-piece of his conference address last week, has provided Conservative strategists with a dilemma. Despite the concerns and potential flaws in the policy (which commentators and various industry figures have been quick to highlight), a commitment to freezing energy prices has a popular appeal and is something votersRead more

2015: Battle of the Freebies

An election is the endgame in the battle of political ideas. They are won and lost through personalities, politics and policies – and pounds and pennies. Both main parties are sharply aware that the electorate is tired of austerity. Labour denounces the cuts as an iniquitous attempt to foist the hardship onto those least ableRead more

Labour Conference: Freezing energy prices – a triumph, a disaster, or both?

Ed Miliband has today announced that a Labour Government coming to power in May 2015 would freeze gas and electricity prices until 2017.  The policy is eye-catching, and will undoubtedly strike a chord with cash-pressed voters who tend to cite energy and fuel prices as amongst their very highest concerns. The proposal is little moreRead more

Labour Conference: Balls And Trust

Today was economy day for Labour, the one day of the year that the Shadow Treasury team have the opportunity for wall-to-wall coverage of their economic vision. Ed Balls was highly political in both his speech and on the fringe, drawing up dividing lines between him and George Osborne and attempting to recast Labour asRead more

Labour Conference: Ed Miliband’s ‘extraordinary’ interview

Andrew Marr called the interview ‘extraordinary’. Ben Brogan, writing in the Telegraph, was less diplomatic, commenting that ‘there was very little substance’ to consider from Ed Miliband’s conference appearance on the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning. The journalists’ frustration with Mr Miliband is understandable: asked a series of direct questions about the union link, tax,Read more

WA launches new report on Mobile Network Operators

Today we’re launching ‘Only Connect’, a new report on the challenges and opportunities facing UK Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). With a presence in nearly every pocket in the country, very high consumer brand awareness and the ability to deliver experiences to surprise and delight customers, now should be a golden time for the mobile networkRead more

Lib Dem Conference: An Exercise in Differentiation

Party conferences are strange events. An amalgamation of party activists, politicians, third sector representatives and public affairs professionals mix to discuss some pressing (and some not so pressing) policy issues. It creates a sort of bubble, in which people forget external realities. The weirdest part, however, is how little you glean from what is actuallyRead more

Lib Dem Conference: View from conference floor

Many lobbyists seem to have decided to give the Liberal Democrat party conference a miss this year. Whether through a (wholly misguided) negative view of the host city, Glasgow, or a (wholly misguided) feeling that the Lib Dems don’t matter right now, attendance from the public affairs community seems low. One consequence of this isRead more