Trouble ahead for the broadband rollout?

It has received Royal Assent without a great deal of fanfare, but the Growth and Infrastructure Bill has finally become the Growth and Infrastructure Act. Amongst other things, it will make it easier to roll out fibre-based broadband services in rural areas by simplifying the planning process. But with the Government’s target to get 90%Read more

Maggie revisited

Somewhat inevitably, the passing of Lady Thatcher has reignited debate within the Conservative Party in respect to its priorities and political direction – as well as what it takes to succeed electorally. In part, this debate has focused on seeking to assess the political narrative that delivered three landslide electoral victories for the party underRead more

O Brother, where art thou?

Nothing excites political commentary more than a bit of familial rivalry. From the Kennedys through to the Milibands, the scribes of Washington and Westminster like nothing more than sibling competition. Today, David Cameron gave them an even more enticing offering than the Miliband psychodrama by putting Jo Johnson in the Whitehall spotlight. Jo, of course,Read more

The need for a narrative

When John Major limped to his overwhelming loss in the 1997 general election, it ushered in a long period of morose self-reflection in the Tories. In Tony Blair’s time on the sofa of government, the Conservatives made their way through three leaders, any number of shadow ministers and more policies than they could shake aRead more

Local elections 2013

With political and media attention over the last couple of weeks having focused on the passing of Lady Thatcher, it is fair to say the forthcoming local elections haven’t exactly captured the public’s imagination. However, on 2nd May, voters in 34 local authorities in England (and 1 in Wales) will be heading to the polls.Read more

The trouble with ex’s

Partially obscured in the midst of the Thatcher-fest that’s been dominating our political scene this week, the legacy of another ex-Prime Minister has also been causing some ripples. Popping up in the centenary edition of the New Statesman magazine, Tony Blair made his most forceful intervention in UK politics since he left office, challenging theRead more

Learning from the future

It’s over ten years since Donald Rumsfeld made his now-famous speech on ‘known knowns and unknown unknowns.’ Mr Rumsfeld may not have received the politest reception to his words at the time, but we think he was (perhaps unintentionally) on to something. Last week, Dido Harding, the CEO, publicly accused BT of building a monopolyRead more

A personal reflection: Young Thatcherites

There’s a delicious irony in a state-funded funeral for a woman who was, by her own admission, contemptuous of vast areas of state-funding. A Lady who was censorious of any profligacy is allegedly costing the taxpayer £10 million to be laid to rest. Before I continue, I should declare that I take no great issueRead more